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Commercial Lighting

  The LED lighting industry is increasingly entering niche markets and special markets in order to escape the price wars in general lighting. Not only are there products such as plant lighting, medical and shipping, intelligent lighting and other products, efficient LED bulbs also gradually replace the traditional low-cost LED tubes. And use the decorative market, also because of LED components, mature technology and market development, produced a series of change: for traders, provider and lighting designers to LED filament light increases, the structure and the industrial ecological better hot filament LED lighting products, gradually replaced the early low wattage specifications of the LED ball steep light, and calorific value of the old LED candle light, LED products has become one of the visibility quickly off star.
  The illuminative lamp demand explosion, LED the LED filament lamp market to take off
  Churches, commercial space, restaurant, hotel use LED candle lights and decorative lighting, all can see the LED sign of the filament lamp, LED lamp filament expansion speed. In modelling, brightness uniformity, spatial aesthetics, build the feeling of restoring ancient ways, than the traditional generation on the LED ball steep light or structure LED candle light is more welcomed by designer, consumer and egotism.
  With the price of LED chips falling, the market potential for leds could be predicted by 2015. Arrived in 2016, around the market for LED lamp filament pandemic procurement can be used to describe, as long as it is luminous flux under 450 lm LED filament lamp, will have a chance to get pathways are a large number of procurement, can also be used to replace for the decorative lights.
  The balance of patents and technology
  Crystal photoelectric is a manufacturer that has the early layout of LED filament lamp. As early as 2007, crystal was able to spread out the patent. LEDinside interview crystal electricity marketing center director lu tigers and Lin Ziyuan director, from their experience in collaboration with the industry as well as to the LED lamp filament would put effort to learn more about the filament lamp industry trends and the intellectual property rights of the layout.
  Lin Ziyuan department chief, said electric LED lamp filament has complete crystal chip patent and related part of the structure of the patent, and through authorized patents to the different markets in the middle and lower reaches of the manufacturers, customers for using crystal electricity LED chip to increase competitiveness.
  (left: marketing center lu hongyuan; right: director of marketing, Lin ziyuan)
  The company‘s partners in the Chinese market are mainly LED packaging plants, as well as manufacturers who produce LED bulb bulbs in the area. Started with these vendors in early production of incandescent lamp, has the rich production experience bulb, which have a certain traditional technology and production capacity of manufacturers, in the present is given priority to with glass bulb LED a filament lamp is a very important role in the market, through cooperation with crystal on the surface of the electricity in the industrial division, to further expand business opportunities.
  Technically, director Lin said that in general LED filament, if current ma small LED chips with 12 ma to drive, low heat, the life of the product can be increased, distance (pitch) will follow. There are about 25 such small chips on an LED filament, and a decorative LED filament lamp has hundreds of LED chips. Leds, which can be replaced or close to normal lighting, use more LED chips, which the LED industry now welcomes.
  And LED the filament lamp selling European and American markets, as well as to the price and quality are the attention of mature markets, attaches great importance to the patent intellectual property rights, crystal electricity and therefore more can take advantage of its patent bonus, provide patented filament LED chip to lighting partners. When these chips are applied to LED filament lamps, the quality and exterior are more prominent, and they are expected to raise the recognition of the products in the international market.
  Tigers director lu pointed out that the crystal electricity is now actively assisted the European and American market customers, not only from the technical, also put a lot of effort on surface of the product marketing, improve the patent LED lamp filament market visibility. Crystal electricity with a partner, in this two years come from the north American market decorative light, candle light, crystal lamp, art lamp filament LED lamp replacement order quite a lot of demand, customers for the procurement of products with patent protection more comfortable, don‘t worry about product for patent issues affect shipment.
  The next battleground for LED filament lights is commercial space and general lighting
  The LED filament in the early LED filament lamp should be manually soldered, and the cost is not high. In the current generation of LED filament lamp, the artificial demand is higher, the cost is still higher than the average LED ball bubble lamp; If the degree of automation can be improved, the cost will be reduced. When the industry develops and imports automatic spot welding equipment, the overall cost is expected to decrease further. Crystal electricity observation, with acceptable cost, and ultimately to terminal price on the premise of balance, when the LED lighting manufacturer in high wattage LED lamp filament into more LED filament, no matter use ground glass appearance, or change the internal cooling mechanism, can do better than current filament decorative LED lights. As the cost of LED filament lamps continues to fall, the market is expected to expand further.
  At the same time, including crystal electricity with a partner, the LED lamp filament industry is actively developing more appropriate technology, make hundreds of tiny LED chips have LED lamp filament has more different play space, and improve product durability and life, it‘s a good news for the purchasing and application side.
  Around the market actually very preferences also round ball bubble lights, style restoring ancient ways of the light bulb, the LED manufacturers in the design of LED lamp filament, can pay more attention to internal LED filament multivariate rendering, such as vertical or horizontal mode, type or design for love, English letters, and even light Angle type mosquito-repellent incense 360 degrees. It can try to put the inert gas in the heat dissipation, make LED filament lamp to render different lighting effect, win the favour of commercial market and special market.
  Light effect and energy specification LED the LED filament lamp to upgrade
  North American market specifications, such as California‘s CEC certification, help LED lights to enter public bidding, public lighting and other areas. Due to north American customers need to develop products that meet the CEC standard, CRI already more than 90, R1 to R8 will conform to the 72, considering the heat dissipation of the filament and life circumstances, all of the filament manufacturers are low electric current to drive the LED chip. And they are good at low current density products, which allow leds to have more stable quality and longevity.
  Crystal electric believes that the future LED filament products have the opportunity to jump to existing situation, will rise wattage, expand the applicable scope, can from a predominantly decorative lighting market pattern, extended to general lighting, the main lighting, and other fields. LED filament lamp makers aim to increase the flux of the product, and it is no exception to the LED chip supplier. Using a chip made from a chip, it can achieve more than 140 lm per watt, which meets many market demands for energy efficiency and efficiency. When LED filament lamp the light flux increases, can replace 60 watt illume product, as general illume, main illume, drive LED filament lamp product upgrade. (evan Lin, LEDinside)
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