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Outdoor Project Lighting

  Global LED lighting market after entering the market maturity, part of the present state of the field, according to dramexchange consultation LED research center (LEDinside) data, global LED lighting market is worth $29.6 billion in 2016, is expected to grow to $2017 in 33.1 billion, the extent of the LED lighting permeability is 52%, the future is, there are quite a play space, but low product price and the market competition, is not the international vendors would like to see, part of the more powerful and product technical threshold line, type high efficiency LED lighting and niche market will go.
  And benefit from the region lighting market development, of Europe LED lighting in 2016 accounted for 23%, followed by North America and the Chinese market, to the fastest growth of the asia-pacific lighting market as a whole. LEDinside visits lighting plants and major LED suppliers to discuss new markets on high-efficiency LED lighting routes.
  The U.S. lighting market attracts big factories to push efficient LED bulbs
  The U.S. market economic policy affects the development of lighting industry of North America, the United States is pushing local assembly of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, will better meet the demand of local market segment, expand the scale of the local market.
  LEDinside believes that this produces a similar previous rise the effect of the local solar installation services, bring more of the United States LED lighting engineering team, handle new project and replace traditional lamps and lanterns, early generation LED bulb business, adding more U.S. jobs.
  Major manufacturers in the United States are actively developing business of LED lighting, LED lighting products rising proportion of commercial lighting/LED lighting engineering market demand is strong in the United States. It is the fastest growing market for Troffer, flat lamp, tunnel lamp, and tianjing lamp market, and accelerate the development of intellectual and optical communication.
  According to LEDinside, global LED commercial lighting in 2017, which includes lights, toffers and panel lights, is worth $6347 million and a compound annual growth rate of 12 percent for 2016 to 2020. The LED lamp market demand in North America is very high, in the DLC 4.0 specification comes out, many manufacturers and the out-contracting units are paid more attention to the case in accordance with all relevant DLC 4.0 specifications of the products, the LED lamp design and cost structure, manufacturers choose LED chip, the choice of what effect?
  High current density and low current use of LED components to choose philosophy
  At this stage, because the market is different from the application, the lighting manufacturer must be careful to choose LED chips and LED components. At present, the mainstream of the market new application is divided into "high current density" and "low current", the design and choice philosophy of the two LED chips.
  International LED epitaxial Lin Ziyuan giant crystal electricity marketing center director, points out that high efficiency LED demand oriented, in the LED chip after the price has been reduced to the sweet spot, for lighting manufacturers, with less star LED chip, make them work with a higher current density, come to fruition in the manner that Over Drive has reduced the cost of lighting lamps and lanterns, this is the general LED lamp or LED bulb lamp, the pursuit of lm per dollar, but should match the appropriate cooling module, there are also a significant cooling material cost, although is the mainstream of the market at present, but the quality of light, the life of the product, is actually a lot of challenges. For example, leds that are designed with high current density will be encapsulated in LED light tubes, and they will show the negative effects of light spots on the quality of leds and heat dissipation.
  (left: marketing center lu hongyuan; right: director of marketing, Lin ziyuan)
  Another approach to success is "low current use", which is to use more leds to avoid these negative problems in high quality LED bulbs. Low current use of philosophy, is originally established specifications of lower current drive LED chip, and within a tube, add enough LED encapsulation, seem to get better effect. Formed in the trend of full glass tubes, gradually replace half cover plastic tubes, low current use of more efficient LED chip, not only improve lighting effects, the life of the product, quality and stability are better, also accord with the high efficiency of the DLC 4.0 specifications, realize the whole lamp above 150 lm/w high efficiency.
  On light efficiency requirements of the LED lamps and lanterns for the whole situation, the appropriate LED chip design, combined with cooling, the structure of the Blaster, glass tubes, it would be the unit price of high quality products with high efficiency, also in line with market expectations.
  Efficient LED bulbs should be carefully selected for patent suppliers
  Crystal electric current customers in the United States, have been successfully in hospitals, public buildings, building in areas such as cut into the market, and actively to replace traditional T8 and T5 fluorescent tube to the LED lamp. At the same time, American manufacturers are making a trend in the United States, and the owners and markets are more accepting than they used to be. A high-efficiency LED tube requires a small amount of LED, which is several to ten times the average cost of a low cost LED bulb.
  Crystal electricity on the LED chip research and development not only has many years of experience, there are quite a lot of their own LED and the cooperation of authorized patents, patent products exported to Europe and north American markets such as the customer‘s customer, will be more willing to choose crystal solution, crystal electricity is also a main advantage can be large and stable supply. In addition to the north American market, crystal also cuts to the quality of the Japanese market, which recently had a number of next-generation LED lighting requirements for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  On the whole, a part of the market need to be able to at low current operation, but also can achieve high efficient LED products, low current and high quality solutions, has become a line of lighting manufacturers focus on goals.
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