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DC12V Warm White SMD 2835 36leds Bed Led Motion Sensor Led Strip Light

1, 2835 --- 36leds ----Double bed(2*1.2m = 2*3.94ft) + 12V 0.5A Power Supply 

                             ---- Single Bed(1.2m = 3.94ft ) + 12V 1A Power Supply

2,  Motion Sensor : When you Move your body from your Bed, Light Up.
 (30S -10 Min. adjustable) without dimming 

3, It‘s Warm Night Light for your dark-Night, you don‘t Hit the chair or Find your flip flop anywhere.

4, It‘s easy for install and DC12V (Safe)

  • Specification :

    Led QTY:   36Leds

    CCT: 2700-3000K

    Led strip Lenght :  1.2meters

    Energy Consumption : 3W

    Output : 12V 1A & 12V 0.5A

    Sensor Adjustable Time  : 30sec.-6min.

    Waterproof  : IP65

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